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Frank Albion: Return to Frankie Land (Chapter 8)

"Well, this looks hauntingly familiar" Detox iCunt (Rupaul's Drag Race All-Stars Season 2)

After two whole years ake our GLORIOUS return to Frank's world, in the 'Battle for Your True Colours' (Sorry, I spell 'Colours' the non-American way)

Just to recap, the rules of the challenge are quite simple. Our Founder, is supposed to start off with 1 really bad trait (in our case, Evil) Heirs and Heiresses will follow the following specifications.

Each generation has their own unique goals and requirements to fulfill. For example the founder must be employed in the criminal career track, and we're only allowed to have one child. 

We left off with Titus, (Second Gen heir apparent) discovering girls. Discovering a girl by the name of Noelle Wayne, specifically. With his tumultuous childhood, and lack of a Mother-Figure in his early years will he come out of teenage-dom a well-rounded individual? 
Or will the cycle set into motion by his Father continue? Find out by reading below!

                              We resume our story with a scene of Frank indulging in his 
                              SECOND favourite activity. The water was boiling hot- just how he liked it. 
                              Frank washed away his lover's scent, eager to forget about the whole affair.
                              He had enjoyed the company of his son's teacher well enough, but more was there to say? He knew their coming together was a one time occasion. The thought of emotional intimacy with a woman as young as Bettina Mae Harlem was impossible for Frank to even entertain. It would get boring for the both of them. 

But he couldn't shake the image of  her out of his head.  She was warm
and smelled strongly of Red Wine and Marzipan. 

Frank pulled the bath plug out, and as the bubbles began to disappear down the drain
all thoughts of Bettina did too.*What a shit show!*he thought. None of the Women in his life were destined to stay it seemed. 

Meanwhile Titus had an appointment across town to keep. 
His half brother Gary was about to experience the age old tradition of 'the CAKENING'

"Hey Little Bro. How are you doing? You ready for THE CAKENING?". Titus handed over his gift gingerly. He still felt unsure about his place within the Bull household. Finding out he had a little brother was one of the best revelations Amy had given, but making up for lost time sometimes seemed daunting. Titus was eager to in whatever way he could.

"Tickets to 'Cry Noboo Cry'? OH MAN! I've been wanting to see them for like FOREVER". 
Titus grinned sheepishly, "I had to run a lot of errands for Frank to get those. So, you know. Enjoy". 

He took a moment to scan the scene of the party. A handful of people were here at best. A smattering of Gary's classmates and Amy's hippie friends looked like they were enjoying the festivities as best they could on a school night. But Amy wouldn't have taken that into consideration. at all. She was more laid-back about things than most. 

The sight of Frank scaring Amy caught his attention. 

Titus rolled his eyes at the predictable display of Frank scaring someone. 
*Will that man ever give it a rest??* he wondered. 
His thoughts quickly turned to Gary, who he had noticed had disappeared to the upstairs loft 
for some reason. 

 (what a cutie-pie)

                                      Amy mooned over her youngest's transformation. "THAT'S 
                                      MY SON" she gleefully cried out. 
                                She was so excited----- Titus couldn't help but think about how different his life would've looked like if Amy and Frank's shared future had been the result of more than a quickie between two mutually attracted neighbors. Gary was a good kid.  The night faded out with his bitter feelings of loneliness and rejection simultaneously resurfacing. 
                                 These thoughts were placed on the backburner the next day. Waking up to his friend Noelle's messages was like a breath of fresh air. 
And, besides watching her get her lip pierced was an invitation too good to pass up.

                                  She was already waiting for him by the time he skulked over to Twinbrook's Salon. He spotted her standing near the appointments desk, waiting for the absent receptionist to return no doubt to book her in. Noelle caught sight of him about to enter the great big glass entrance to the joint and offered up a Cheshire cat grin greeting. Titus strode over to the counter, one heavy footed step after the other, and returned the smile with one of his own. "Quite an operation you're undergoing today, ain't it?" he said, waggling his eyebrows in mock seriousness. Noelle chortled "No Doubt." 


                           Titus's eyes were drawn to a woman dressed in lace arm-cuffs and a pink skirt entering the building. With a plop she sat down behind the salon counter. Sensing who Titus was looking at, Noelle prepped her friend for the worst case scenario. "Like. If I cry, don't go tellin' your little friends, okay?"  Titus didn't have any other friends, but he sure as hell wasn't going to tell Noelle that. "Yeah, sure no problem." he assured her. 

                              "Noelle Wayne".  *The woman has impeccable timing* Titus thought. "Whelp, guess that's me." Noelle punched her friend's shoulder to signal her exit, before strolling over to the front of the store.  Titus couldn't help but watch the way she engaged with the receptionist.They were deep in conversation about the different kinds of alloyed piercings available to someone on Noelle's budget, but Titus found himself focusing entirely on Noelle's peroxide blonde hair. He couldn't imagine her with any other colour. There was a break in the conversation while Noelle waited for her piercer, a man named Tom, evidently. She happened to glance up, and for one magical moment their eyes were locked. Noelle slowly broke into a radiant smile. "See you on the other side, she mouthed". 

While Noelle got her snake bites, Titus took the opportunity to amble up the road. He'd already decided that today was the perfect opportunity to try telling Noelle how he really felt. He wandered into the florist and picked up a bunch of roses. What better way than to convey your feelings with flowers?

                            He reached the front door of the salon, sweating profusely there were a number of ways this could go wrong. Titus was reminded of a song by Radiohead that he related to very much. The little bell rigged to let the front desk know someone had entered the room gave an innocent tinkling noise as he slowly pushed it open. His heart was beating almost out of control and then... it stopped. He could see Noelle standing, waiting for him again. 

One foot. "You're just like an angel. Your skin makes me cry." Second foot. I wish I was special. You're so fucking special". 
He winced and braced for rejection as he held the flowers hidden behind his back to Noelle. 
He winced and braced for rejection as he held the flowers hidden behind his back to Noelle. 
Everything seemed to move in slow motion "But I'm a creep. I'm a weirdo. What the hell am I doing here? I don't belong here".  The tune penetrated his thoughts like an arrow to William Tell's apple. 
"Oh Titus! They're fucking beautiful!" Noelle was punk-rock, but not punk-rock enough to forget about flowers. 
Titus stifled a joyous laugh. "You mean you like them?" he asked, already knowing the answer. 
She squealed in delight "Like them? I fucking ADORE them". 
"I mean, I mean that's good. That's great, actually. haha!" Titus swelled with happiness, this was the best decision he'd ever made. Noelle tousled her angelic peroxide hair and laughed. "You're a weirdo, Titus, but I've always liked you". She squeezed his shoulder, "Come on. Let's go some place interesting". Titus gulped, with such an enticing offer, how could he refuse? "Sure." he said. 

"But first, I need to drop home first". 
"Sure." he said, a little weaker this time. 

Noelle's house stood in complete contrast to Frank's abode. 
There was actually colour, for one thing. Titus was so used to the black exterior of his own home that Noelle's house looked almost like something out of a storybook with its large arched windows and long veranda. The front garden was a testament to the big personalities that made up Noelle's family. Multicoloured tulip were spread all over the front lawn.
The sticky heat of the nearby Bayou surrounding the land the house was built on made Titus's shirt cling to him closely as they approached the doorway. 
Noelle, who was trailing slightly behind called out "I don't think my parents are in, but we can chill for a bit until we can get a ride down to the fair ground". 
They stopped awhile to catch their breath. Walking from town to the Bayou estate took far too long. 
*gasp* "Come on. *puff* I have cold drinks in my room". 

Titus ultimately decided to help himself to some ice-cream instead. 


Thankyou to any visitors who happen to come by. 
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I'm hoping (rather selfishly) to jump start new interest in legacies 
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I've not stopped thinking about Frank OR Holly during the years.
They're literally there every time I boot up the sims.
I will do better *this time* 

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